The Ella Centre Entry Screening Procedure

Posted in COVID-19 on Jul 02, 2020.

Entry Screening Procedure at The Ella Centre

In anticipation of The Ella Centre welcoming our participants, staff and volunteers back, we have introduced an Entry Screening Procedure to minimise the risk of viral transmission to our participants and staff.

At each entry point to The Ella Centre every staff member and visitor will be asked a standard set of screening questions.

  • Have you been overseas or travelled in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  • Are you in close contact with or caring for someone who is currently unwell?
  • Have you currently or within the last 7 days been unwell or been aware of any of the following symptoms:
  • ▪ fever, night sweats or chills
  • ▪ cough
  • ▪ runny nose
  • ▪ sore or scratchy throat
  • ▪ shortness of breath

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the staff member or visitor will not be allowed to enter the premises.

The staff member or visitor’s accurate response to the question about fever can be supported through temperature testing on entry.Temperature testing is used in addition to the standard screening questions, and a no-touch method will be used via an infra-red temperature detection device.

All visitors must have their temperature checked prior to entering a The Ella Centre site.

Access will not be granted to anyone who shows a temperature of 37 degrees or more. All temperatures must be recorded next to the person’s name in the Visitors book.

Influenza vaccination

The Ella Centre must comply with all relevant visitor restrictions and legal requirements relating to staff and visitors that apply in their jurisdiction, including in relation to influenza immunisation.

It is compulsory as a staff member in Aged Care programs to have the influenza vaccination and all visitors attending Aged Care programs must provide evidence of the Influenza vaccination.

The screening responses must be accompanied by the signature of the staff member or visitor.

Site visitors during COVID-19. This work instruction remains valid until cancelled by the CEO

Who can come to site?

  • Only essential visitors (medical, allied health and family) to the site will be permitted entry.
  • All Visitors and staff will be excluded from the site if they have answered yes to any of the screening questions.

Essential Visitors

The following are considered essential medical or allied health visitors:  

  • GP or after hours doctor for health assessments or tests • Behaviour Support Clinician for site observations• OT for positioning or manual handling assessments or training • Speech Therapist for swallowing or meal management assessments • Physiotherapists • Podiatrist • Contractors undertaking essential safety checks (including smoke alarms, fire equipment, security systems) • Family Person Responsible